• Company

    The company’s aim is to provide services and offer advice, predominantly in the medical and paramedical sectors, dealing in particular with strategic and operational marketing; the strategic analysis of markets and products; company reorganisation; the search for customers and suppliers; competition analysis; public relations; the analysis of documents and patents and innovative solutions for the development of new products, such as the research and development of the same; the drafting of protocols for clinical studies and data management; the organisation of clinical studies and multicentric studies; the exclusive representation and trading of medical and paramedical products, as well as products of wide consumption and primary products, both wholesale and retail; consultancy for the planning of production plants and turnkey hospitals, and the preparation of the relative contracts; consultancy directed at the participation in European projects and the obtaining of loans for research; logistical consultancy; consultancy in the domain of human resources.

    The company is furthermore involved – as it also is in other economic sectors – in consultancy concerning company and financial management and marketing, offering advice in the areas of analysis, study and application of solutions to various management problems and commercial and/or economic methodologies including the administration, finance, sales and marketing of both public and private companies and bodies; the provision of all services regarding the management, treatment and processing of data and statistical, financial and economic indices of the company and on behalf of third parties; assistance in the formulation and solution of general company problems, including the selection, training and development of the staff of third parties; the collection, processing and commercialisation of data concerning market research; all services directed at optimising the activities of the company and bodies; all services to be provided in arranging equipment, installations, technologies and specialised staff; all factors involved in the arrangement and organisation of basic structures and services necessary or useful for the running of the company and the optimisation of strategic and operational management.